Monday, 28 February 2011

Whores of Mensa See the World: Leeds Edition

Tozo creator Dave O'Connell, four-time Whore of Mensa Ellen Lindner, Derek the Sheep artiste Gary Northfield and Stitch London head girl Lauren O'Farrell share a pint in Leeds' lovely Adelphi pub.

Thought Bubble 2010: what a crazy ride!

We experienced brilliant typography....

A brush with actual brilliance, in the form of Dr. Mel Gibson and the effervescent Suzy Varty...

Enjoyed a tour of Leeds by its owl population, crowned and un-crowned...
Here's one at Leeds' famous Corn Exchange, now a place for exchanging cash for vintage clothes and 'gourmet hotdogs' (both highly recommended.)

A big draw for Leeds and Though Bubble was a really sweet show by cartooning genius Kristyna Baczynski, who was kind enough to come along to say hello to the Whores of Mensa during the show.

Sat nav tried to drag us to the Ash Blast Car Wash (a cry for help, perhaps?) but we pushed on to Leed's historic Hyde Park Picture House.


Here's the poster for Kristyna's show.
Copyright Kristyna Baczynski, 2010.

Wit and whimsy abounded...
Copyright Kristyna Baczynski, 2010.

Even in the gents'!

Copyright Kristyna Baczynski, 2010.

Copyright Kristyna Baczynski, 2010.

Don't worry ladies, we were not neglected!

The Hyde Park has its own charms - like this fantastic stained-glass window! - and a wonderful history. It dates to just around the start of World War I. We were heartbroken that we couldn't stick around for a showing of Chico and Rita!

Congrats to Kristyna for taking home the Thought Bubble Competition prize two years ago - and extra special congratulations to Dave Shelton, for winning this year's prize!

Thought Bubble was a lot of fun - thanks so much to the organizers, and all the cartoonists who gave us some love and said hello. (And extra-special thanks to Stephen Betts, for doing all the driving!)

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