Monday, 14 February 2011

Elizabeth David and the Frozen Expanse

Ellen L.'s contribution to the chef challenge has finally arrived at Whores HQ!

Ellen writes:
"I am currently reading Elizabeth David's amazing 'Harvest of the Cold Months', a series of essays detailing the history of ice creams and ices. ED is often credited as the person most responsible for popularizing rustic French and Italian food amongst post-war British cooks, but she was also a devoted food scholar. Like Michael Pollan's 'The Botany of Desire', 'Harvest' offers both an overview of a particular idea - in this case, the notion that extreme cold has been a more longstanding and more influential part of the cook's repertory than we imagine possible - and loads of interesting foodie trivia. Anyhow, I highly recommend this very interesting livre de glace, and offer this drawing as a tribute to ED's elegant and incisive writing."

Thanks, Ellen!

This formally wraps up the challenge - but we have one last treat for you! On Friday, a guest artist will show off some of her drawings of one of the most famous lady chefs ever! Hint: the chef in question was a spy before she became a cook, and attended the alma mater of one of the WoM's. Still guessing? Come back Friday for the answer and some fabulous drawings!

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