Tuesday, 27 November 2012

NYC Launch December 7th at Bergen Street Comics!

So excited to be formally announcing our NYC launch for Strumpet 2, Friday Dec. 7th at Brooklyn's truly quite fabulous Bergen Street Comics. 

Three Strumpets, Ellen Lindner, Robin Ha and Kat Roberts will be present - come along and get your copy of the brand-new Strumpet!

Bergen Street Comics is located right by one of Brooklyn's biggest train stations, Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center, so you can take an express Q, N, 2, 3, 4, 5 or a slow-as-molasses-but-quite-lovely R train to your destination.  It's walkable to some of Brooklyn's best restaurants and bars - we're partial to Bark, right next door, as well as cute luncheonette Bonnie's.

This is Editrix Ellen's birthday party, too!  There will be a raging afterparty in honor of our leader's special day.

See you on December 7th!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Strumpet 2: Our London Launch at Orbital Comics

The Strumpet & Ink+Paper Launch Party

Wow! What a bash! Our London launch at Orbital Comics was a great success, bringing together The Strumpet, the artists who make it possible, and those who love them - plus some awe-inducing celebrity guests! Sharing with our friends at ink+PAPER made the night even better - not to mention that it was a great privilege!

Our NYC launch will take place at Bergen Street Comics on 7th December, after which The Strumpet - and ink+PAPER 3! - will be available in our Etsy shop.

This weekend (17-18th November) you can catch up with a limited supply of Strumpets at Thought Bubble, located in Leeds and ranking very high up the list of must-visit UK comix festivals.

The Strumpet & Ink+Paper Launch Party
Comix stars Gary Northfield (Derek The Sheep), Darryl Cunningham (Psychiatric Tales, Activate!) and newly minted Strumpet Myfanwy Nixon talk ink+PAPER.

Many, many thanks to Orbital Comics, located in London's high-drama West End, for their hospitality and generosity with the booze. Karl, Camila, Chris, James, Liz, and all the other staff were phenomenal (and it's Camila's lovely photos we have to remember the night by - check out her Flickr set here.

Thanks again to all of our Kickstarter pre-order folks - some of whom we were lucky enough to meet at the launch - we couldn't have done it without you!

Some fun photos...courtesy of Camila Barboza! Look for her by her full name on Flickr...

Andy Poyiadgi, Karrie Fransman and Gareth Brookes
A Strumpet and her pals: Issue 2 contributor Karrie Fransman (The House That Groaned, Guardian, Times of London) and two fine gents - Andy Poyiadgi (Teapot Therapy), and Gareth Brookes (The Black Project).

Maartje Schalkx, Tobias Tak and Mike Medaglia
Issues 1+2 Strumpet Maartje Schalkx joins forces with the prodigiously talented Tobias Tak and Comics Gosh!p (London's premier comics reading group) leader Mike Medaglia.

Tanya Meditzky
A Strumpet in Motion: Issues 1+2 contributor Tanya Meditzky (The Man Who Clapped, Two Sentences).
Ellen Lindner
Head Strumpet Ellen Lindner prepares for the first purchase of the evening.
The Strumpet & Ink+Paper Launch Party
Head Strumpet Jeremy Day, two-time Strumpet Patrice Aggs (The Boss, Count Karlstein), and Myriad Editions boss Corinne Pearlman share a laugh at our launch.

The ever-helpful - and ever-cheerful! - Stephen Betts, head of Comix Influx.

Sarah McIntyre, Mary Talbot and Megan Donnolley
Honorary Strumpets Dr. Mary Talbot (Dotter of Her Father's Eyes), Sarah McIntyre (Vern and Lettuce, You Can't Eat a Princess) and Comica organiser Megan Donnolley, assembled into a lovely pyramid of Lady Comix Power.

The Strumpet & Ink+Paper Launch Party
A happy customer...

Paul Gravett
Internationally renowned critic, curator, festival organizer and Comica godfather Paul Gravett (1001 Comics, Great British Comics).

David O' Connell
The very fetching David O'Connell (Tozo, Monster and Chips), editor of ink+PAPER. Flanking him are John Aggs (The Boss, John Blake, Robot Girl) and comics professor-in-training John Miers.

Thanks so much for coming, London! See you in New York!