Monday, 14 February 2011

Whores of Mensa Issue 4 - Finally Here!

It's true! It's here! And it's yours for the taking.

Our new issue is all about the ladies of Paris, and it melds biography, autobiography, lit-inspired fantasy and more into a confection worthy of the city of lights itself.

Specifics, you say - you want specifics. Well, Mardou's epic tale of the life of Anaïs Nin is required reading if you've ever pored through a published diary - Nin's is the definitive daily journal of the 20th century. Jeremy brings fashion, goldfish and H.P. Lovecraft together in a tale of dance and the void between worlds. And Ellen creates a collage out of the life, art and writings of Lee Miller, photographer, muse and war correspondent extraordinaire. Not to mention a few extra features: an interview with San Fran comix diarist Vanessa Davis, and a letter from a real, live Mensan! He wants to recruit Mardou for a hand of bridge - and maybe more?

Check out our web-page for previews, details on how to order, and a big ol' zoom view of our Sergeant Pepper-style cover.

EDIT: You can now buy WoM 4 from Gosh! and Forbidden Planet - just check out our order page for details.

PS Missed issue 3? Ellen's Etsy has some more copies - but they're going fast, and will soon number only in the single digits.

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