Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Didn't Kickstart? Buy Yourself a Copy of The Strumpet Today!

Ever since the lovely London and NYC launches of The Strumpet 3: The Tasty Issue, we have been fielding questions on how fans who did not preorder The Strumpet 3 could grab a copy of their very own. Well, your pleas did not fall on deaf ears and we are happy to announce that you can now purchase a copy of The Strumpet 3 at our Etsy Store!

So nice to see all three Strumpets together!

Likewise, if you missed out on picking up a copy of the Strumpet 1 or 2, you can also purchase those at the Etsy store!

Our Etsy operators are at the ready....make your order today! 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Strumpet Launch NYC!!!! TONIGHT!!!!

Hey all!  Party in NYC, tonight, Tuesday November 12th!
 Spend your snow day with the Strumpets:
and editor Ellen Lindner
plus prose contributors Anna Knutson-Geller and Josh Geller!  

Party starts at 7PM and goes until LATE - see you there!  

PS There will be cake...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Presenting the artists of the Strumpet 3: Lauren O'Farrell (Deadly Knitshade)

We Strumpets are sooooo excited for our Gosh! launch this Friday (Nov. 8th) and our NYC launch (Nov. 12th).  But in the meantime - let's keep talkin' Strumpet!  

Lauren O’Farrell, a.k.a Deadly Knitshade, is a author, artist, graffiti knitting pioneer, traveller, photographer and giant squid wrestler. She took up knitting to get through her three-year battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and emerged as the founder of the UK’s largest craft community, a pioneer in the world of graffiti knitting, and a published author.

Founder of the knitting collective Knit the City, she has also authored the UK's first graffiti knitting book, Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in London. Don't forget to visit her website and Knit the City's website, and follow her on twitter @deadlyknitshade

A few of her tastier creations can be found in the endpapers of Strumpet 3.  Here are some samples from this series of knitted cuties, as photographed on the streets of NYC by British-based photographer Jack Kirby:

Monday, 4 November 2013

Strumpet 3 Global Food Report: Anna and Josh Geller!

There are still more, more, more Strumpet 3 contributors to talk up as we gear up for our London launch on November 8th, and our New York launch on November 12th. So exciting! 

Next up: newlyweds Anna and Josh Geller

Anna and Josh aren't comics artists, but the Strumpet has enlisted them as special contributors for Strumpet 3. Why? They are the go-to source for tasty subject matter, since they are world travelers! They've tried everything from beef heart in Peru to Japanese pub food, and they've done the Strumpet the favor of writing about their global top five dishes. 

What are these hungry folk up to now? They have settled down again at the upstate ashram where they met, are expecting their first child. Catch up on their adventures at their blog.

Spicy! Anna and Josh feast in India.

Presenting artists of the Strumpet 3: Maartje Schalkx

There are still more, more, more Strumpet 3 contributors to talk up as we gear up for our London launch on November 8th, and our New York launch on November 12th. So exciting!

Next up: Maartje Schalkx, the author of one of the more suprising entries for Strumpet 3

Maartje Schalkx, a Dutch born comics artist and paper conservator, now lives and works in London. This 3-time Strumpet alumna and former Whore of Mensa finds her inspiration for comics from real life and all forms of media. She has written several comics, viewable on her website, that were originally published as accordion books.

She is also a proud member of Chicks on Comics, a global network of lady cartoonists whom The Strumpet considers close cousins.  

Check out the Chicks on Comics blog for her latest creations.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Presenting the artists of Strumpet 3: Hazel Newlevant

Though Hazel is still finishing up her BFA at the School of Visual arts in New York (where she edits iNK, the school's comics app) she is already quite accomplished! Her mini- comic, Ci Vediamo, won a Xeric award in 2012, and just won this year's Queer Press Grant for her LGBT-themed comics Dance the Blues and If This Be Sin.

 Check out her weekly Concert Review Comix at her website!

Presenting the artists of Strumpet 3: Una

Our next featured Strumpet, Una, is one of our UK based contributors.

 She is currently working on a PhD for drawing women's lives in comics form while also writing a graphic novel on rape culture, titled Becoming/Unbecoming. 

 Aside from her endeavors in the sequential arts, she is a tea brewer at Laydeezdocomics London.  Wow, she's really a Strumpet of all trades!

Presenting the artists of Strumpet 3: Joan Reilly!

Another day, another Strumpet to highlight, and for this very special post-Halloween feature, we'll be taking a look at the lovely Joan Reilly.

 Like the Strumpet's American headquarters, Joan works in Brooklyn, where she co-edits The Big Feminist BUT: Comics About Women, Men and the IFs, ANDs & BUTs of Feminism and the comics anthology Hi-Horse. 

She is currently working on Frankly East 14th Street, a comic of her father's journals and recollections of living in an Irish immigrant community in Oakland, CA from the 1940s onward.