Monday, 14 February 2011

Whores Cookoff!- on paper, that is.

Consider this an announcement for the next Whores of Mensa drawing challenge!

Forget Heston Blumenthal, Mario Batali or even Brother Rick Curry, author of The Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking (don't ask). This seasonal drawing challenge is in honor of female chefs everywhere!

Draw your favorite lady chef - you know you've got one - and send it in before April 30th, and we'll post your drawing on our blog. By 'chef', we don't necessarily mean a shouty person wielding a cleaver - whether you choose a TV chef, a cookery writer, or the owner of your local bakery, we want to see your interpretation.

Need inspiration? Check out Thomas McNamee's History of Chez Panisse, a brilliant recounting of Alice Waters' founding of the pioneering restaurant, a book now being read in at least one Whores household.
Or Cooking Like Mummyji, a combination cookbook/introduction to Punjabi culture by the fantastic Vicki Bhogal - great if you like healthy Indian food!
Or if you're a Cordon Bleu kinda gal (or man), try Elles Sont Chefs, Flammarion's giganto profiling of the best European female chefs, complete with luscious recipes.

Enjoy! We can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

PS We're thinking about archiving the wonderful drawings we received as entries for the last challenge on the WoM website - stay tuned!

PPS For this challenge we're not making it a mystery challenge (ie, you can choose your own chef!) but we're more than happy to supply a chef if you're looking for a surprise. Just comment and ask, and ye shall receive!

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