Monday, 14 February 2011

Whores of Mensa - Hiatus No More

Caption Fairy photo courtesy

A lot has happened in WoM-land since our last post. Most recently, Jeremy and Ellen met up at Caption for a top-secret Whores of Mensa summit meeting. But there's more.

To start, we weathered a potentially disastrous request to stop using the name 'Whores of Mensa'. Thank you thank you thank you to the CBLDF and Ken Norwick, ESQ, for getting us out of quite a pickle.

One of us - Madame Mardou - had a beautiful baby girl. Mother and baby are both very healthy and happy, and living it up in the STL.

Another one of us got married - you once knew her as Jeremy Dennis, but now you can now call her Jeremy Day.

Now we're back on track - better than ever, you really could say - and ready to start putting together a fifth issue, with some soon to be announced guest artists.

Whores of Mensa Issue 5, theme to be announced shortly, will be out in summer of next year. But in the meantime, stay tuned to our own personal Pravda (that's this blog) for all kinds of updates.

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