Monday, 14 February 2011

Tammy Taylor In Full Flow

Here at Whores HQ we're swooning over Tammy Taylor.

She's here, she's dancing, and she's got her trademark goggles perched oh-so-delicately on her elegant 'do. Triple swoon!

Check out Tammy's neo-manga delights on her website. And catch Tammy - not to mention Whores of Mensa co-editrix Ellen - at the MCM Expo, coming up on 29-30 May at ye olde Excel Centre.

Thanks a lot, Tammy!

Now that the dance floor's been, urm, activated (any better word for it? we're not sure), are there any other potential WoM shape-throwers out there? Remember, the deadline approacheth - 1st June.

Come dancing!

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