Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sneak peek the next : Patrice's duck

Patrice Aggs joined us for Edition 1 of the Strumpet in 2011 and we are delighted to invite her back for The Strumpet 2 for a brand new story about the trials and tribulations of Going Places (pre-order your copy here) which provided the ducky detail above. Patrice is a regular contributor to Britain's finest weekly children's comic, The Phoenix, and has illustrated more books for children than I can easily mention! The Strumpet allows her to kick back and talk to adults instead, and the results are amazing! Patrice also makes beautiful etchings, which are then made into limited edition prints.  She has provided Travelling (below), number 38 of 50, to The Strumpet fundraising drive, which we will shortly be adding to our Kickstarter page as the toppiest of all top prizes. Here's to giraffes on flying carpets! They make everything better.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Sneak preview the next: Badaude's bee

Badaude's Tate-published book London Walks was featured in the review column of last year's Strumpet, and this year we are delighted to welcome her into The Strumpet as a contributor (pre-order your copy here). A familiar sight to fans of The Idler or The Metro or indeed certain books, Badaude's airy, loose and louche style is a delicious addition to the Strumpet's pages. Here is a tiny taste of what is to come:

As Badaude is also from Oxford, editorial meetings have been an informal affair; below is a picture of us meeting in local snazzy cafe Oxfork, sipping tea and talking about the Wellcome Trust, Djuna Barnes, Alfred Jarry, the various problems and disturbances of life and, here and there, her contribution to The Strumpet 2 : going places

Pre-order The Strumpet 2 on Kickstarter here.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sneak preview the next : tanya's bat

The Strumpet contributor list is filling out with weird, wonderful and beautiful strips. This wonderful bat from the incomparable Tanya Meditsky just flew in on its journey from Tanya to The Strumpet 2. I can say no more about the comic strip! You will have to wait until the comic comes out. To be sure of your copy, pre-order on our Kickstarter - prices start at just $3.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

TCJ Reviews The Strumpet 1!

These are heady times in Strumpet HQ.  Our Kickstarter for Issue 2 is live,  editrix Ellen Lindner is part of a panel on British comics (including the Comix Reader and Strumpet!) at SPX this weekend, and now - 

we've been reviewed in TCJ!

And what a nice review it is, with Mardou, Maartje Schalkx, Kripa Joshi and Patrice Aggs singled out for special praise.

Thanks to reviewer Rob Clough for such wonderful words of encouragement - our roster of artists work so hard to bring you interesting, inventive, innovative comics, it's great to see them recognized!

Read it all here - and see you at SPX this weekend! 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kickstarter is GO!!!!!!

The Strumpet is now full of rich and good strips from a powerful team of supertalented female comiceers. We're really excited about the line-up (more coming about that soon) and the creative and powerful ways all the different contributors have responded to our theme, going places. Very shortly, The Strumpet will be going to the printers, but numbers will be strictly limited. To pre-order your comics and guarantee a copy please visit Ellen's Kickstarter and pick a price point (starts from $3 - The Strumpet is not afraid of being cheap!) If you want to support us further there are a variety of prize-type options, in the usual kickstarter style -- or you can simply show your appreciation in the traditional way*  

The Strumpet 2- A Second Transoceanic Blaze of Comics Glory! 

The second issue of The Strumpet, the only comic to unite comix-loving ladies from the US and UK comix scenes, is in the works - and we need your help to make it a reality!  Read more...
*Reblog, comment, shout, give us money, etc.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

We're so happy to announce that a) we've updated our website but more importantly, b) LOOK AT THE AMAZING COVER TO OUR NEW ISSUE!

Our theme for this issue is Going Places...and co-editor Jeremy Day's been very busy capturing the thrill of travel in this brilliant illustration.  WOW! 

In other news, we have a great new contributor on board: Robin Ha.  Born in South Korea and raised in the United States, Robin calls South Brooklyn home.   There she lives a double life: she's an uber-talented cartoonist who also spends a lot of time creating amazing textile designs for clients like American Apparel.  We met Robin because she's a member of the Draw Bridge cartooning studio, based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and we're pleased as punch to welcome her into the Strumpet family. 

Welcome, Robin!  

We're opening this new issues to pre-orders soon...get ready for The Strumpet, issue 2!