Monday, 28 February 2011

Whores of Mensa is now on Kickstarter! If our funding goal of $750/£450 is met, everyone who gives above $10/£6.50 will get a copy of the new issue of Whores of Mensa, posted to them anywhere in the world! Plus, give it a go!

What you need to do:
- watch our video, and learn all about Whores of Mensa and our fab new issue!
- visit our Kickstarter page where you will sign up to Amazon Payments and read all about the benefits of being a WoM 5 supporter.
- Give before 25th August. This is the biggest thing - if we don't reach our goal, we receive NADA. ZILCH. RIEN DE TOUT!

One cool thing about Kickstarter is that you can receive MORE than your stated goal. If we receive more than we requested, we may just make this issue even fatter and more awesome than the 42 pages of comics promised.
A little surprise, and an eventual reward for donors.

Thanks so much for reading! And please, help make Whores of Mensa 5 a reality.

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