Monday, 14 February 2011

Ladies of Paris and Oxford

Whores news aplenty!

First and foremost, we have a new and improved release date for Whores of Mensa issue 4: it will now debut at APE, Nov. 1st and 2nd in San Francisco! If you're attending the con, look for Mardou and Ted May! More details to follow!

We now have some pics from Ellen and Jeremy's recent Oxford outing, the Caption Comix Collective show at the wonderful Jam Factory!

We had a lovely time meeting up, drinking lovely beers (the Jam Factory has Anchor Steam!) and talking politics, music, and Whores 4. Here are Jeremy and Ellen in front of some selections from Jeremy's weekly strip.

Ellen with her story for Whores 4....

The room at large, with coordinator in the lower left. Thanks a lot, Andrew!
Can't wait for Whores 4? Mardou has been working like the Eliot (our feminist version of 'working like the Dickens') on her drawings for the cover! The concept is still hush-hush...but take a look at these beauties!
And that's just one entry's worth! We'll be posting a selection of cover drawings here soon, but in the meantime, go to and scroll, baby, scroll!

One last little news slug...many of our Whores retailers are sold out, but Ellen has just started selling her last few copies in her Etsy shop! Take a look!

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