Monday, 14 February 2011

Cover drawing number 2 - Sarah McIntyre!

London-based illustrator and cartoonist Sarah McIntyre has been a good and stalwart friend of the Whores for many years now, and so it was with great pleasure that we received her contribution to the giant wraparound party we'll be putting on the cover of Whores of Mensa 5.

If you don't know Sarah's work, you are officially missing out - check our her portfolio online or view her almost-daily updates on her livejournal.
But best of all, stay tuned to Whores of Mensa 5, because Sarah's promised us a two page comic, to boot! Yahoo!

Thanks a mil, Sarah - more cover drawings to come!

PS We need approximately 60 self-portraits, so, please, don't be shy - just have a go (and be creative)! Please make your portraits like Sarah's, full-length, and at an adequately high resolution to print well at about 15 cm/6 inches. This would mean approximately 300dpi - and in terms of file size, anything from 600k to 10 M is acceptable. For many of our contributors 'party mode' means sitting around drinking - which is fine! But please be creative. When you're done, simply email them to Ellen at ellen at little white bird dawt calm - and let us know something about yourself for the Key to All the Drawings. Oh, and yes - men are allowed, indeed encouraged, to participate! That's it - thank you!

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