Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Last of Our Kickstarter Rewards - Revealed!

Strumpet 2 contributor Robin Ha modelling the finished tote.  

We are so close to making some truly rad announcements about our third issue - but while we're beavering away behind the scenes, how about revealing the last of our Kickstarter top prizes?

Editrix Ellen spent quite a bit of time working on some custom bags for some special folks - a tote, and a sling bag.  What a deal - for $40 bucks, you got The Strumpet, our limited edition buttons and a nifty, handmade bag - all posted to you wherever you live.  Thrift score!

First up - cut up the bags, and make the silkscreen panels!

 We went for a basic black for our logo - essential considering that our fabric was, urm, pretty out there!  If you're at all crafty, check out this tutorial for how to make your own freezer paper silkscreen - perfect for small batches of handmade delights.

Ready to get stitched...

And here's the finished sling bag! 

And here's the finished tote:

Monday, 4 February 2013

Lovely Review from Broken Frontier!

We're so excited here at Strumpet HQ to have a lovely review of our new issue!
Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier seems to really like Strumpet 2 - read his post for his opinion on the Strumpet and some other fresh new comics.
A little quote to whet your appetite:
"At a chunky 90-odd pages The Strumpet #2 is further evidence, if we needed it, of the rude health of the comics anthology; a format we have been persistently told is dead and buried by the mainstream yet remains hale and hearty in the world of the small press and micro-publishing. I can’t recommend this one highly enough – not just for the material contained between its covers but also because it’s an excellent gateway to the work of the twenty-odd creators spotlighted here."
He's obviously a man of taste because Rachael Ball, Robin Ha and Badaude get a mention - love those ladies!
To order your own copy please visit our Etsy. See you there!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Strumpet Fix: The Inflatable Woman by Rachael Ball

Need a Strumpet fix before issue 3? Check out Issue 2 contributor Rachael Ball's ongoing web strip, The Inflatable Woman. Rachael's stunning pencil artwork made a big impression on us - and it's the medium she's chosen for telling the story of her treatment for breast cancer. Amazing stuff - enjoy!