Monday, 14 February 2011

A Star is in the House - Bishakh Som!

Hold the presses, of our favourite cartoonists just wandered into the Whores of Mensa party.

Bishakh Som, sui generis comics immortalizer of kitties, utterly unique creator of previously unimaginable environments, won the Xeric grant in 2004 for his collection Angel. He contributed to Hi-Horse back when that redoubtable assemblage of Joan Reilly, Howard Arey and Andrice Arp still published - today he's turning into a bona fide art star, with his first gallery show this year.

Check out Bishakh's Lambiek profile. Want a story? Take a peek at his amazing tale of Crumbelina or embrace the emotional tectonics of Come Back to Me - both will knock your socks off.

Thanks, Bishakh!

More cover drawings, coming up!

EDIT: Mr. Som has informed us that he now has a real live website:
It is pretty amazing, so go check it out!

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