Monday, 10 December 2012

Thanks for Partying with the Strumpets, New York!

Thanks to everyone who came out on a very dark and stormy night to party with the Strumpets at 
Bergen Street Comics this Friday!

We owe a lot to the amazing staff at Bergen Street, who were so welcoming!  This is Casey, a writer and zinester who works in the shop - Tucker, Tom and Amy, thanks to you guys too!

A look at the fine folks who made our event fizz...

Editrix Ellen Lindner signing for a fan...


Thanks so much to Bergen Street for letting us do an art show!  Here, Army of God illustrator Tim Hamilton, Jean Lee-Hamilton, and Strumpets Robin Ha and Kat Roberts hang out in front of some of Robin and Kat's original work from Strumpet 2.  

The Voyeurs author and amazing all-around cartoonist Gabrielle Bell, with up-and-comer Dre Grigoropol.

Eisner Award-winner Nick Abadzis.

Hypothetical Islander James Smith gets cuddly with Zegas' Michel Fiffe.

Woo hoo!  Thanks again to all the Kickstarters....and if you'd like to buy the Strumpet, check out our Etsy or visit Bergen Street Comics, 470 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY.