Monday, 4 November 2013

Presenting artists of the Strumpet 3: Maartje Schalkx

There are still more, more, more Strumpet 3 contributors to talk up as we gear up for our London launch on November 8th, and our New York launch on November 12th. So exciting!

Next up: Maartje Schalkx, the author of one of the more suprising entries for Strumpet 3

Maartje Schalkx, a Dutch born comics artist and paper conservator, now lives and works in London. This 3-time Strumpet alumna and former Whore of Mensa finds her inspiration for comics from real life and all forms of media. She has written several comics, viewable on her website, that were originally published as accordion books.

She is also a proud member of Chicks on Comics, a global network of lady cartoonists whom The Strumpet considers close cousins.  

Check out the Chicks on Comics blog for her latest creations.

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