Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Presenting the artists of the Strumpet 3: Lauren O'Farrell (Deadly Knitshade)

We Strumpets are sooooo excited for our Gosh! launch this Friday (Nov. 8th) and our NYC launch (Nov. 12th).  But in the meantime - let's keep talkin' Strumpet!  

Lauren O’Farrell, a.k.a Deadly Knitshade, is a author, artist, graffiti knitting pioneer, traveller, photographer and giant squid wrestler. She took up knitting to get through her three-year battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and emerged as the founder of the UK’s largest craft community, a pioneer in the world of graffiti knitting, and a published author.

Founder of the knitting collective Knit the City, she has also authored the UK's first graffiti knitting book, Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in London. Don't forget to visit her website and Knit the City's website, and follow her on twitter @deadlyknitshade

A few of her tastier creations can be found in the endpapers of Strumpet 3.  Here are some samples from this series of knitted cuties, as photographed on the streets of NYC by British-based photographer Jack Kirby:

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