Monday, 4 November 2013

Strumpet 3 Global Food Report: Anna and Josh Geller!

There are still more, more, more Strumpet 3 contributors to talk up as we gear up for our London launch on November 8th, and our New York launch on November 12th. So exciting! 

Next up: newlyweds Anna and Josh Geller

Anna and Josh aren't comics artists, but the Strumpet has enlisted them as special contributors for Strumpet 3. Why? They are the go-to source for tasty subject matter, since they are world travelers! They've tried everything from beef heart in Peru to Japanese pub food, and they've done the Strumpet the favor of writing about their global top five dishes. 

What are these hungry folk up to now? They have settled down again at the upstate ashram where they met, are expecting their first child. Catch up on their adventures at their blog.

Spicy! Anna and Josh feast in India.

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