Monday, 21 October 2013

Presenting the Artists of Strumpet 3: Robin Ha!

With Strumpet 3 coming soon, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring attention to the amazing amount of talent we have in this issue, every day.

Next up we have Robin Ha: a cartoonist, illustrator, painter, textile designer, and any number of other things that are creatively charged. She moved to the United States from Seoul, Korea when she was 15 years old and has been working in New York ever since graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design. 

When she's not Strumpetting, she's working on an erotic thriller graphic novel, The Dress

Robin has been featured in many things, like The Love ShowEye Candy From Strangers 2.0, and The Strumpet 2

Robin's story for Strumpet 3 focuses on the very important differences between good taste - and bad taste. 

Her story will make you laugh...cry...and maybe rethink some personal entertainment choices!  

You can check out her personal site here, and you can also read some of her comics here

Remember, you can grab a copy of The Strumpet 3, the Tasty Issue, for your very own - via our Kickstarter

And keep your eyes out for news about our NYC and London launches, coming up in November!  

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