Thursday, 3 October 2013

Presenting the Artists of Strumpet 3: Anna Bas Backer!

Strumpet 3 is steamin' right along now on Kickstarter and to celebrate its upcoming release we are featuring one of the artists that contributed to it every day!  Until we run out of artists!  And that will take a while!

Today's featured lady is Anna Bas Backer, one of the brand-new artists for this issue. Dutch-born and German-based, Anna is a cartoonist who, in 2009, worked with fellow Berlin cartoonist Ulla Loge on the monthly feature"Night Vultures" for the Berlin City Magazine.

More recently, she is creating comics for the bi-monthly feature "Familienjuwelen".

And did we mention she's a founder of the fierce Chicks on Comix? View Anna's personal blog here and read "Familienjuwelen" here - and if you like the look of these rad drawings and fancy a story about a cute boy safari (really!), please hit up the Strumpet Kickstarter for your own copy of our Tasty Issue!

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