Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Presenting the Artists of Strumpet 3: Rachel Yelding

It's been almost a month since we started presenting the artists of Strumpet 3 to everyone and we still aren't done with this daily feature!

Today's featured artist is Rachel Yelding, an artist who works out of Kent, in South East England. She graduated from The National Film and Television School with a Masters degree in screenwriting.  While she attended NFTS, she wrote three short films that went on to be produced: Valerie and Gemma, Far Removed, and the award winning animation Rail

She also wrote The Automated Heart and Paradise, both of which were recognized by the Screenwriters Goldmine Awards. Her first short story, I'd Lock It With a Zipper, was recently published in Hic Dragones' anthology Impossible Spaces.

You can find out more about Rachel here and this is a preview of her story, Pest!, in the upcoming Strumpet!

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