Sunday, 2 September 2012

We're so happy to announce that a) we've updated our website but more importantly, b) LOOK AT THE AMAZING COVER TO OUR NEW ISSUE!

Our theme for this issue is Going Places...and co-editor Jeremy Day's been very busy capturing the thrill of travel in this brilliant illustration.  WOW! 

In other news, we have a great new contributor on board: Robin Ha.  Born in South Korea and raised in the United States, Robin calls South Brooklyn home.   There she lives a double life: she's an uber-talented cartoonist who also spends a lot of time creating amazing textile designs for clients like American Apparel.  We met Robin because she's a member of the Draw Bridge cartooning studio, based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and we're pleased as punch to welcome her into the Strumpet family. 

Welcome, Robin!  

We're opening this new issues to pre-orders soon...get ready for The Strumpet, issue 2!

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