Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kickstarter is GO!!!!!!

The Strumpet is now full of rich and good strips from a powerful team of supertalented female comiceers. We're really excited about the line-up (more coming about that soon) and the creative and powerful ways all the different contributors have responded to our theme, going places. Very shortly, The Strumpet will be going to the printers, but numbers will be strictly limited. To pre-order your comics and guarantee a copy please visit Ellen's Kickstarter and pick a price point (starts from $3 - The Strumpet is not afraid of being cheap!) If you want to support us further there are a variety of prize-type options, in the usual kickstarter style -- or you can simply show your appreciation in the traditional way*  

The Strumpet 2- A Second Transoceanic Blaze of Comics Glory! 

The second issue of The Strumpet, the only comic to unite comix-loving ladies from the US and UK comix scenes, is in the works - and we need your help to make it a reality!  Read more...
*Reblog, comment, shout, give us money, etc.

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