Friday, 21 September 2012

Sneak preview the next: Badaude's bee

Badaude's Tate-published book London Walks was featured in the review column of last year's Strumpet, and this year we are delighted to welcome her into The Strumpet as a contributor (pre-order your copy here). A familiar sight to fans of The Idler or The Metro or indeed certain books, Badaude's airy, loose and louche style is a delicious addition to the Strumpet's pages. Here is a tiny taste of what is to come:

As Badaude is also from Oxford, editorial meetings have been an informal affair; below is a picture of us meeting in local snazzy cafe Oxfork, sipping tea and talking about the Wellcome Trust, Djuna Barnes, Alfred Jarry, the various problems and disturbances of life and, here and there, her contribution to The Strumpet 2 : going places

Pre-order The Strumpet 2 on Kickstarter here.

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