Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Strumpet Merch!!!

Hi Strumpets!  Tomorrow is the last day of our Kickstarter, so I thought I'd do a little tour de merch, to let Kickstarters and prospective Kickstarters know what they will be getting in addition to our beauteous comics. 

First up, our mug, in a handy wraparound view!

Next up our tote, with art by the amazing Audrey Weber!  IT IS ORANGE!  Here's a mockup:

Why orange?  Well, because the pocket- you've gotta have a pocket - will be in one of an array of super-groovy vintage fabrics, from an authentic fabric sampler from the Seventies.  Here are some samples:


And finally - our buttons!  So everyone will know you support us.

Let's keep the t-shirt mysterious for now...but it will be cool.  This, I swear!

Wanna get your hands on Strumpet 4, and some of this cool swag? 

Here's that Kickstarter link...pre-order today!

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