Sunday, 14 December 2014

Introducing the artists of Strumpet 4: Audrey Weber

Strumpet 4 approaches! As we continue with our Kickstarter campaign, we're taking this time to draw attention to all of the incredible artists who have contributed work for the upcoming issue.

Today's featured Strumpet is the excellent Audrey Weber, of leafy, lovely Brooklyn. Audrey's comics and illustrations are charming, beautifully hand-colored, and imbued with a certain winning touch of mystery.

In addition to her drawing talents, Audrey has some serious fiber arts skills, and does all kinds of beautiful textile design.

It is pretty much impossible to go wrong with a cat quilt. But it is very possible to go wrong with your life -- by not obtaining your very own copy of Strumpet 4!  So pre-order your own copy via our Kickstarter today!  This campaign ends on December 19th.  

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