Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kickstarter Sneak Peek Part 1: Jeremy's Portraits!

Ah, Kickstarter.  You have been so good to us, hooking us up with comics fans all over the world.
And in return, we have used you as a conduit to reward certain special folks - those who've been especially generous - with the sorts of things we'd like to receive in the post now and again.
Strumpet Jeremy's amazing seaside portrait series is just one example.

Looks like a drawing, right?  And it is - but what is that drawing made from?

To create these individual portraits, Jeremy drew all these little bits - some of which, like the reeds at the top left, are actually dimensional.  Some lucky folks got a kiss-me-quick penguin in their drawing - some, a sightseeing centaurette. 

Ah, Jeremy.  She's a mad genius - but she's our mad genius!

Speaking of mad geniuses - are you reading Strumpet 2 contributor Rachael Ball's Inflatable Woman?

We really think you should!

Next in our Kickstarter reward look back: the Strumpet begins to accessorize. 

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