Tuesday, 16 October 2012

sneak peek the next : Rachael's crows

Back in the 1990s, Rachael Ball ran a women's comic class in the (now long gone) London Comics Centre*, a colourful London venue which at the time offered the only courses in comics in the country. I remember attending occasionally, scraping my way up into the big smoke on a cut-price bus ticket and the promise of a floor to crash on. I met astonishing people there -- Lee Kennedy, artist of life and dreams, and the amazing Cinders McLeod, author of Why are there no Women Cartoonists? (still the definitive work on the subject), many others. Rachael drew comics for Deadline, broadsheet newspapers, trendy magazines, and of course Fanny. I remember her as very glamorous, kind of intimidating, my sketches of her always turned into a mass of curly, scripply lines. And here she is now, in 2012, pen still on paper and facing down a mass of angry crows -- whatever could be happening in her story? You'll have to buy The Strumpet to find out. Pre-order your copy on Kickstarter to be sure of a copy.

*I realise suddenly that I'm not sure if that's it name. Was it the London Cartoon Centre?

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