Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ellen Lindner Preview Art - And New Rewards!

Above: page one of Editrix Ellen Lindner 's five page contribution to the upcoming Strumpet issue 2!

Recently we Strumpets posted our new issue on Kickstarter - and this is the time for you to grab your own copy, before we go to press!

Why pre-order? Well, first of all there's brand-new artwork from Kripa Joshi, Emily Ryan Lerner, Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, Shamisa Debroey, Karrie Fransman, Nicola Streeten and many more - for a grand total of 92 pages!

Plus you can get amazing rewards, like this incredible Patrice Aggs print, just added at the $100 level:

But the best answer? You'll be certain to get a copy, period. Kickstarter is our main distribution network - Diamond, et al aren't interested in small-run books that come out once a year. So you're not likely to see us at your neighborhood shop. We're aiming at a grand total of 100 pre-orders - 100 people who like what we do and want to read our work!

But most of all, you'll be supporting a small but determined group of storytellers - people for whom comics is a labor of love.

Strump it up on Kickstarter today, and help us to reach our goal of 100 pre-orders!

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