Monday, 31 October 2011

Kripa Joshi, now in The Strumpet!

Miss Moti enjoys a night out on the town, and meet up with lots of intriguingly disguised characters, in this page from the new Strumpet.

We are so pleased to welcome Kripa Joshi, the creator of Miss Moti, to our very first issue.

Kripa speaking at Laydeez; she's in front of a photo of her extended family in Nepal.

Kripa recently knocked everyone dead at the October meeting of Laydeez do Comics, London's premier spot for discovering new cartoonists (of both genders!)

Kripa with London comics folk John Miers, Megan Donnolley and Mike Medaglia.

At Laydeez Kripa discussed her Nepalese heritage and how her travels around the world - notably to New York, India and London - have influenced her work.

Even more wonderfully, Kripa agreed a few months back to create an image for us Strumpets to use as a Kickstarter incentive. If you love fairytale princesses and knights errant on a mission, then you might want to grab this print for your very own. It's not too late - although we've reached our goal the terms of Kickstarter are that we have to stay open for business until the day we promised - that's 11th November. Which means you're in luck! Check out our Kickstarter today.

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